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What Makes Waterjet Cutting Services Superior Over Conventional Cutting

Is it really possible for water to slice through fragile material as well as thicker material like thick steel slabs? Can water be used as a cutting tool if you must perform bone surgery and the like? Believe it or not, you can use a jet of water with over a pressure of 50,000 psi to cut through a variety of things making them one of the most powerful slicing and cutting tool there is. Waterjet is also more than capable of drilling a hole or perforating a piece of material. And what even makes waterjet cutting will have to be the fact that it is more efficient as a heat-based cutting approach than the use of plasma cutting and lasers.

Waterjet cutting machines make use of a high-pressure of water flow. Such a system may also need other abrasives and combine them with water to cut a wide array of materials that need cutting. Waterjet cutting machines have already been used in the 1970s. In those times, using waterjet cutting machines means that you need to cut some wood fiber tubes. However, after these machines have existed, another use that was much preferred and was intended for these water jet cutting systems is for cold cutting. In the years that proceeded, waterjet cutting was then used to replace the typical cutting method.

The use of waterjet cutting machines has become popular for a lot of good reasons that make them even superior than traditional cutting methods. Unlike conventional cutting machines, there are not any dusts that will collect to the waterjet cutting machine when you use them. There are not any toxic gases that are released in the atmosphere when a waterjet cutting machine is used than the conventional ones. Between the process of waterjet cutting, you can slow it down or stop it without worrying that your material will be damaged. Also, what is great with using waterjet cutting is that you can start its operation in any point or part of the material. You can begin at any point of the material that you have. Lastly, with waterjet cutting machines, they are isothermal.

Currently, you see a lot of industries that make sure to utilize these waterjet cutting machines in doing some cutting. Take, for example, in the aerospace industry, they use waterjet cutting machines to cut, shape, and ream intricate and tight-tolerance components.

In the mining industry, on the other hand, powerful waterjet cutting machines are used for drilling and cutting rocks found in hard rock mines. Aside from hard rock mines, waterjet cutting is also being used in coal mines. Not only are they effective but also these machines are cost-efficient.

The use of waterjet cutting machines sits well when there is a need to cut food products hygienically like vegetables, meat, fruits, cake, and bread. Because there is no mechanical contact, food contamination is assured to be reduced. With the jet of water being quick and fine, the material that is being cut will never get wet or damp.

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