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Understanding The Play Store Developer Console And How To Make Money From Applications

Technology has played a very big role in the civilization of human beings. People can account the recent improvements in different sectors of our lives to technology. The world can be said to figuratively have been made small to be compared to a village. The result of this is making people interact better. The most recent form of technology is the internet technology.

The internet was introduced in the 20th century and has since changed how the world is in that period of time. Initially, the internet and computer technology was only able to perform basic tasks like email communication and searching for things. Today people can do more difficult and complex tasks with the internet as it has been enabled to facilitate that. It has affected almost every sector in our day to day lives.

Comunication has really improved because of the internet. People are able to communicate through social media and other platforms like the email and websites. Because of the internet, we are now able to find whatever kind of information we want by only searching. People are able to know in a matter of seconds what is happening in another continent or location miles away. Trade has also been improved because of the internet in very many ways because people are able to display their products and services online for others to see. Consumers can also buy products and have them delivered at their preferred locations and this is done at the click of buttons and screens on their devices.

People’s innovative ways have led them to further simplify life by creating mobile applications. There are different applications that have been developed ranging from media, games, trading, financial and online shops among others. Applications are downloaded by users from the play store. In order to be found in the store, they need to be put there by the developer of the application.

The process of uploading an application to the play store, a number of steps need to be taken. The first thing is to sign up for a developer account from the store that one wants to upload their application. Secondly, the developer has to read through the terms and conditions. The registration fee is then paid through a credit card. The final step is usually to complete the account details and this is usually the contacts and the type of applications category that one is in.

Once the developer has put the application online, a lot of people are able to see it when they look for applications in the same category. Some applications are very sensitive and involves a lot that the developer can choose to have them paid for. Money is generated from every download or sharing.

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