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What To Look For In Choosing A Jerky

In many cases, when you mention jerky, the immediate type of jerky that will be thought of is something made from beef, and this is one of the most popular choice snacks especially by those who are health and protein conscious.

Yet, jerky comes in different variety of meats as some jerky are made from chicken, pork, bison, elk, venison, turkey, salmon and more and the choice of jerky will be according to the meat preference and taste that will suit the person.

In fact, there are over 100 kinds of jerky that you can find sold in the market today and strangely enough none of these kinds are alike, hence this buying guide will provide you a better understanding of your best choice.

In general, manufacturing jerky there are different textures that you may want to consider according to your preferences, to determine if you like something that is tougher, drier jerky or perhaps you prefer a soft & tender jerky.

The most common jerky styles that you often find and that are frequently asked for by many consumers are the old-fashioned, traditional, soft & tender and the meat sticks.

Old Fashioned Style Jerky are as hard and as dry as it can be, while the Traditional Jerky is more of a middle-of-the-road texture style of jerky which is not too tough and not too soft.

Soft & Tender Jerky on the other hand, not as dry as Traditional Jerky and it is simply easier to chew and enjoy, while meat sticks are just meat that is formed into sticks and flavored according to taste.

There can also be a variety of flavoring that you can choose from any of these jerky, and you just have to choose which fits your taste buds, but commonly flavors do come as plain jerky, sweet, savory, hot , all depends on the manufacturer and demands of consumers.

Remember that when you choose a jerky over the market, carefully look into the details of the packaging, and choose that has a window in the packaging so that you will know the contents in it in actual and prefer to look into the weight content of the product rather than the outside appearance.

These tips will now be able to direct you to choose the most appropriate jerky that you want and love to have, just select something that is of the best quality and that will meet your desired style, flavor and that will fulfill your craving for your taste buds.

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