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Tips on How Lactoferrin Treat Diverticulitis

In many cases, your bowel or your large intestine might be attacked by a disease called diverticulitis. It involves the formation of pouches on the outside part of the colon which makes one of the bags to become inflamed. The primary reason as to why there is the formation of pouches is because there is pressure in the colon that builds up due to constipation. Symptoms like mild cramps, constipation and bloating are the ones that are likely to be first be experienced. In many cases, one will go for an extended period without seeing these symptoms because they are minor which make them stay unnoticed.

If a person’s waste matter and bacteria are trapped inside those pouches, it might turn to be a problem. The area where they might get trapped in might interfere with blood supply because of the blockage which may lead to other infections. If the tissue is infected, it might even rupture. The lower side of the abdomen might suffer from tenderness and also one might feel pain and fever when you are attacked by diverticulitis.

Some dietary measures should be taken to prevent or slow down the progression of the diverticulitis disease. It is recommended to feed on food that has fibre in it like for example, the fruits, grains, and vegetables. The waste will be softened if you take food that has fibre in it and for this reason, the passing of waste in your colon will be quicker. However, you may suffer from bloating, abdominal discomfort and gas and to avoid this, you should not take excess fibre.

Even though you should eat every type of food, the fried meat, bread and all other processed food types should be avoided. You should drink a lot of fluids so that the water will be absorbed from your body by fibre. In your colon, the bulky waste that passes there will be softened. Other problems might arise if you fail to take enough fluids because the fibre gets constipated.

There is another protective protein called lactoferrin that is proving to treat diverticulitis problem. It is an immune-boosting component that is found in our body fluids and kills many bacteria. You will see it in colostrum, and mainly it gives a child immunity protection from the mother. If the intestines are damaged, then the immune system is unable to perform effectively.

In our digestive system, lactoferrin plays a big role because it stays in the iron that is in our body. Bacteria mostly grow in iron, and if lactoferrin is there, it makes them starve. The immune system will be left stronger because lactoferrin will kill them. Candida attaches itself in the lining of our digestive system and if we take lactoferrin, it will prevent it from sticking.

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