How to Get the Best Rate on Rental Cars

When individuals travel or have a vehicle in a repair shop, renting an automobile often becomes a necessity. It is good to focus on the best deal

Getting the best rate on rental cars can be challenging, but you can land great deals by doing a little research and by seeking out as many special offers that you can. Comparing car companies is best done on-line because rental car company Websites and other travel Internet platforms can help you narrow down the best rentals for your driving needs. Some things to consider before seeking out rentals is to know what you need from a car up front and whether or not the rental car company will provide you with services or products you will need.

Check Car Prices

Classes of vehicles include compact, economy, mid-size, luxury, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans. Your final decision about vehicle class and size will affect the price of your rental. Call the national car rental chains or any other local auto rental companies in your local area to determine the best price. In addition, be prepared to compare security deposit requirements.

Compare Costs for the Length of the Rental

Determine the length of time that you will need an automobile rental, and ask an auto rental representative for costs — including security deposit requirements. If you need a two- to three-week rental, compare the differences in discounts offered between auto rental companies.

Seek Special Services

Call auto rental companies and ask if they will pick you up from your location or if you have to physically go to an auto rental company. Another special service to inquire about are reward points. Ask rental companies if they have a reward point program or if they offer price discounts for special memberships.

Inquire About Discounts

special offers or membership programs. Sign up for free customer reward memberships if you plan on using a particular rental company again. Ask about special discounts such as senior, teachers, or military/government discounts, which can save you at least 15 to 20 percent off your rental rate. Find the best competitive discounts on the company’s website since many offer one-time coupons and rewards. Rental car companies, such as Avis and Hertz, offer daily specials and weekend discounts that can either reduce rental rates or extend rental service days free of charge.

Review Rental Policies

Read the rental policies before settling with a rental company to see if it accommodates your driving needs. Some rental companies will only allow rentals for a certain amount of days. Also consider the company’s policies on extra mileage charges, their policies on accident/car damage, insurance coverage, car check in times (24-hour clock rates) and return locations. Be sure to read the policy in its entirety and don’t hesitate to ask a representative to clarify certain details and particulars.