Las Vegas is a Hotbed of Hotties for You

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, everyone knows that! The crazy things you did stay, and usually your money stays too (although your dignity is often long gone). You went out thinking it was going to be high-rolling on the cheap; 4.99 buffets and penny slots and free shows, and maybe you’d even meet some las vegas escort girls. And even if you spend a little money, who cares, because you’re gonna make it back and multiply it. You didn’t play all those blackjack, Hold’ Em, and slots apps on your phone for weeks for nothing.

But it was all too good to be true. The buffett was pretty gross, and the penny slots actually cost way more than a penny to really play, and the free show tickets were for some kind of ventriloquist dummy act. Lame. But even if you lose all your chips on a bad bluff, at least the cheap escorts in Las Vegas turned out to be true.

Even if you’re having a guys trip, you’re still gonna need some ladies. Imagine how good it feels to go into a nice bar with a hot, tall blonde on your arm. But why stop there? Does it feel even better walking the casino floor with a cute Asian woman? Hitting up the pool with a sweet bikini-clad Russian doll? Maybe the best though is taking a beautiful Latina to the club, and lettin the other guys wonder how you got such a smokin’ hot babe to dance with you. You can turn heads your way without turning out your pockets. It’s okay…because its Vegas, baby!

Sure, there are good looking women everywhere, but you’re gonna waste more time and money in the long run buying drinks for some gals on a gal-pal trip who decide to blow you off after a few hours of wooing them. There are cheap escorts in Las Vegas just waiting for you to call them. After all, Vegas is a city of opportunity, and every night can be a new opportunity with a new bombshell.