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Create a Dope Playlist With this Great Weed Songs

Statistics show that a lot of people are using weed on a regular basis and it is especially ideal to use it with a song in the background. Adding a few weed songs to your playlist is something that will help to enhance your weed experience. Some of the songs that you should consider having in the playlist are briefly highlighted below.

Smoking two joints is one of the songs by Sublime that you need to add to your playlist. With the band, you are assured of a great experience since they have several songs that make the experience a memorable one. Since the song has a catchy beat especially at the beginning, it is a great tune to add to your playlist.

The song by Luniz is one that is a classic and one that you may have not notices that is about smoking weed. The song that talks about I got five and it is popularly played in weddings although it is a weed song. With the catchy beat of the song, you do not have a reason why you should not include it in your playlist.

Since everyone knows Afroman and his famous song that says he got high, there is no reason why you should also not add it to your playlist. Although the song is repetitive, it has a great tune and it is worth adding in your playlist. The weed experience that you get from this song is one that you will definitely enjoy and you need to ensure that you are not driving.

Most people know missy Elliot because she sings a lot on girl power and dancing but she also has a favourite tune that you should consider adding to the weed list. One of her greatest tunes that has set her apart from her norm is about passing that dutch. It is a weed song and talks about how people can relax,enjoy and have some fun while having that dutch.

The song hash pipe by weezer is a song that you may not be too familiar with but you may have got high while listening to the song though you may have not known it. The song is one of the songs that tends to stay in the background most of the time and most people do not seem to know it. Make sure that you try the song in the next session and you will not regret that you did.

Another great band that you should add to your collection is the sleep band especially given that their songs are about the weed culture. To dive deep into the marijuana culture then this is one of the band that you should definitely listen to. Try listening to the dopesmoker track in your next experience and see how best you will enjoy the experience.