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Daylight Savings Petition.

Some countries usually refer daylight savings time as summer time and its usually that time of the year when the clocks are adjusted by an hour forward. You have to ensure that the clock change will concur more with the natural daylight hours. The standard time is the rest of the time when the clocks are changed to fall back to the normal hours.

It is not a uniform global concept as only some parts of the world participate in this practice of switching the clock which has been termed traditional. There are numerous health issues that have been associated to rise from this practice and that’s why some organizations and groups of individuals are lobbying for a petition to have the practice banned.

Since winter evenings tend to be shorter to those practicing the daylight savings time this has lead to cases of depression being reported. The practice of daylight savings time is linked to health consequences such as the seasonal affective disorder that will display itself if one doesn’t get enough sunlight exposure.

The practice of daylight savings time has contributed to disruption in sleep patterns and circadian rhythms that can cause heart attacks. Decreased alertness, impaired cognitive function, memory loss are just a few symptoms of sleep deprivation. The circadian rhythms are responsible for hormonal changes, hunger, sleep and it could take a lot of time to correct the imbalance that is caused by the daylight saving time concept.

The health risks of practicing daylight savings time are very many. During the time of clock change experts say that the number of cluster headaches reported was many and this could lead to devastating results to any individual. The percentage of stroke cases as recorded by some in-depth research showed a rise during the period of daylight savings time. Heart attacks, suicide rates, and miscarriages usually skyrocket during this period, therefore, this period has very detrimental health problems to many people and should be brought to an end.

The costs associated with this practice are more and will influence the economy in a negative way as people tend to have low productivity after the spring transition. A computer system to cater for the daylight savings time will be expensive to have it integrated and the maintenance costs will be high therefore the practice should come to an end. Investing the money to have better infrastructure in place would be a better idea that will be beneficial to people instead of investing in a practice that is traditional in this technological era.

Decades ago the practice of daylight savings time was a very good innovation to cut on the energy consumption by having more daylight but in this times the practice cannot be effective at all.

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