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Precious and Practical Remedies From the Past That Won’t Leave Us yet

Herbal medicine has stood the test of time. Herbal medicine is proven to have existed for over 60,000 years ago form archaeological evidence. From long ago, herbal medicine has helped the human race to this date. Such ancient remedies kept human beings healthy.This does not endorse some of the ancient medicinal practices which are rather outrageous. The ancient herbal remedies are precious to modern medicine. To know some of the ancient remedies that are still used today, you will need to read on.

The willow is one of these ancient medicinal practices. The willow was widely used as a source of furniture. It also dabbles as a pain reliever. When it came to treating of ailments, Sumerians and Egyptians swore by the willow’s power read more. To the Hippocrates, the willow would treat swelling and fever read more here. Willows have not exited the scene since aspirin the renown pain reliever comes from willows. The aspirin continues to be a subject of much study since it is seen to have the potential to treat strokes and cancer read more now.

Lavender is another ancient medicine that is still used today. Sleep-related problems are adequately addressed by the lavender view here !. The Egyptians have greatly used it for its greatness in medical value. Lavender still sneaks to our gardens, kitchens and medicine cabinets today. You will find that today blood pressure and heart rate is effectively controlled by use of the lavender learn. You can fall asleep faster and sleep longer with the help of the lavender. Today, you can also use the lavender for its sedative powers this.

Another ancient remedy is the aloe vera home page. It has been known as a treatment for over 50 ailments.It has been used to treat second-degree burns, dental plaque, canker sores, and constipation.

The cannabis happens to be another ancient treatment info.It has been used as an official treatment from as far back as 2737 B.C more about. Shen Neng commends it for treating gout, rheumatism and improving poor memory. The herb still has its use today in recreation and in medicine.It is also used as a pain reliever and a sleep aid. The progress of Alzheimer’s disease is slowed by cannabis.

The Witch Hazel plant effectively helps ease hemorrhoids and reduces swelling.Today, the witch hazel is used as poultice in helping treat scalds and burns. The witch hazel is also handy in treating conjunctivitis, sores, and varicose veins click here for more.

Chicken soup has been used to treat colds from the 12th century until today. It has taken the involvement of scientists to prove that chicken soup indeed possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting colds.

Many other ancient remedies exist. Try them and see that our forefathers were not misguided.