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Time Off Manager for the Effective Management of Your Business

Among all the costs that should be managed in business across industries, one of the most underrated cost goes to the management of employee leaves and absences. It typically goes unnoticed because leaves and absences are oftentimes sensitive topics for companies and organizations. Micromanagement and accounting of employee leaves, absences, and time off in general posses a risk of upsetting employees. This article will briefly explain the effect of inefficient accounting of leaves and how software like Coexsys Project Management Time Tracking can offer solutions to these issues.

Why Do Organizations Need Time Off Trackers and Time Off Managers?

The main reason behind this need is that the leaves and absences of employees become silent killers in project deadlines.

Even in recent years, employee time off are hugely recorded in out-of-office replies on calendars and emails. Without effective timekeeping software, there is little to no way for employees to effectively integrate their workday and time off in a way that produces the work on the specific tasks that they’ve been assigned.

Time Offs Typically Go Unnoticed on Project Schedules

Some might say that this is already a basic in project management and that is true. As a project schedule is being developed, the project manager has to consider all the employee’s planned time offs well in advance; doing so develops a more realistic timeline. Unfortunately, doing so is not quite enough because when a project is in its execution phase and certain members of the team are on leave or absent, it’s not actually reconciled or accounted for. By not reconciling the time off against the project timeline or task, it will gradually creep into the hidden costs of the project’s budget.

Ethical and Discipline Issues Stem from a Lack in System Controlled Time Off Trackers

It’s safe to say that leave accounting can be a tricky subject. Each employee is entitled to different kinds of leaves, heavily depending on the shifts they’re assigned to, the nature of work, and job titles. Hence, timekeeping software needs to allow advanced leaved management that is not only flexible but can meet the various needs of employees in reference to their department and job.

If the accounting for leave is not handled properly, it will create discipline issues and ethical issues that may cause some employees to not report their time off or even under-report without anyone noticing.

Timekeeping Software in Time Off Tracker and Time Off Management

Surprisingly, the majority of the timekeeping software, of enterprise-grade, available in the market do not offer comprehensive leave management features. The only real choice is to purchase adds on or just let human resource solutions handle the issue; the latter option does not necessarily involve timekeeping.

Allow Coexsys Timekeeping Software Cloud to Handle the Accounting

Software like Coexsys knows the importance of comprehensive and efficient leave accounting; it is an integral part of project time tracking. Time is one of, if not the most important component because it is a non-replenishable and depleting resource. Employee leaves and absences are a category of time that does not produce any value for the business but they are also an unavoidable occurrence.

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