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Common Causes of a Blank Thermostat

For your air conditioning unit to work, every component that it comes with should work. One of the most crucial components of your AC unit is the thermostat. With the absence of this component, you are unable to turn on or off your AC unit. In short, you will not be making the most of the heating and cooling benefits that your AC system offers.

Now that you know the function of the thermostat in controlling your AC unit, what will you do once it goes blank? There are many causes for a blank thermostat. In the event that your thermostat goes blank for a certain reason, there will always be at least one solution to resolve it. Learning about the reason why it goes blank is the first step to getting the solution that you want. Again, there are many reasons for a blank thermostat. Some of these reasons include the display of your thermostat not working and not having any power to your thermostat. It all boils down to figuring out what might be wrong in your thermostat to find the best solution for it. Click here for information on the common causes of a blank thermostat.

One of the simplest reasons for a blank thermostat is that it is turned off. Even if this may seem silly but it is highly likely that it is just turned off and you need to turn it on before you go about finding ways to fix it. It is always possible that one of your household members turned your thermostat off and forgot to put it back on. You may fail to realize the fact that there might be a power outage in your house. You might start troubleshooting your thermostat if you are still seeing blank even if it is turned on.

Dead batteries are another reason for thermostats going blank. The average lifespan of thermostat batteries ranges from As little as a couple of months to as long as five years. Even after turning on your thermostat and you still see blank, make sure that you try swapping its batteries. Changing the batteries of your thermostat depends on its model and make. For most thermostats, they are very accessible for their removable compartments of batteries.

You will also be seeing blank on your thermostat if the circuit breaker has tripped. Looking at the wiring of your house, your thermostat may fall on the same breaker as other devices or appliances that you have inside. If all these appliances get power from the same thing, the circuit breaker might trip. Once this takes place, you can expect your thermostat to turn off its power. Look at the circuit breaker and check if you need to reset it. Finding the switch of the breaker in the middle implies that it has tripped. Prior to switching on the breaker, you have to put it on the off switch first.

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